Dash - 08 Nov

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Here's the boy ham at a party wearing a pull-up diaper on his head.  You can make out his cheeks all puffed out in a big hammy smile.  We was working the crowd right up until he bumped into a dresser running around.  Learning opportunity: that's exactly why folks don't run around with diapers on their heads: the danger!


3D movie at SeaWorld. 

It kind of reminds me of Andy Warhol.

Is this what Dash is going to look like when he's in a Fraternity and going through a hipster phase?


Grandma Martin came in for Dash's Birthday. Up early was a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.





Okay, let's not read too much into this.

Dash is Three!

The big present was a Big Boy Bike (16" wheels), which will suffice until he needs a Bigger Boy Bike.

Dash and Alex's Party

We had a big party at Pump It Up - a place with a bunch of bouncy-bouncies.

Leigh's Birthday

Went to Outback with Mom for Leigh's Birthday.  Here they are goofing off.


Jackolanterns & Dash  


Daycare had the Trick or Treat Parade again this year.  Last year Dash was incredulous that folks would gather around to give him loot.  This year he seemed a little more passe, even jaded.

Halloween night we went over to one of Bob and Marisa's houses to Trick or Treat wit Alex.  That he enjoyed quite a bit.  Leigh and I ate most of the candy, though.  Hee-hee.


Big giant stable tube.  You barely get wet, which is nice cuz neither the water nor the wind are ever warm.  




We went up to a cabin at Lake Arrowhead with Chantelle, Andy and Julianna.  Went on a hike along the lake and then on Dash's first walk in the woods.  Leigh thinks we got a tree hugger.

Julianna is in a princess phase.  Which, like all little girls, goes away in fifty or sixty years.

Dash and Julianna   



Long time, no talks.  Sorry.  Work, play, having to use two computers, new software (that I really don't know how to use). 


A couple of days ago I was picking up Dash.  They had these construction paper pumpkins with what the kids are thankful for.  "Dash is thankful for: 'Pets.'"  I was wondering if Dash understood the thankfulness concept.  "Hey, Dash, it says you're thankful for Pets..."  He cuts me off: "I'm thankful for CANDY!"  Yep, he gets it. Kind of one-tracked, but he gets it.

Right now Aunt JoAnna is visiting.  We're having a lot of fun.  It's rained the past couple days, but after the rain cleared up today the four of us went tubing.  We were the only boat on the bay.  That's a first.  In the summer on the weekends you can count 50 boats and jetskis in the ski area.  Leigh, JoJo and Dash bounced around for probably forty five minutes laughing the whole time.

Dash has been into superheroes lately and wonders why the bad guys are bad guys.  I tell him it makes a better story to have some bad guys.  His latest hero is the "Credible Hulk." 

Over the last two weeks or so he's been really into dancing, especially to the very famous 1980's film "Stop Making Sense" by the Talking Heads.  It's a great film for kids because it's very danceable and very watchable with all the dancing and David Byrne doing all his unusual stuff.  "Daddy, David Byrne just used his knuckles."  "Here comes Tina with the bass."  I have a video of him dancing and strumming his guitar that I'll have to post to Youtube.  I'll let you know when it's up. 

He also likes U2's "Under a Blood Red Sky - Live at Red Rocks."  It's cool hearing him singing along to "Psycho Killer" or "40".  He's hipper at three than I was at 18.



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