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The Summer of 2008 - In Review

Summer is over.  How do we tell in San Diego?  Temperature is the same, but football is on the TV, Sea World and the zoo now close at 6:00pm on weekdays, and there aren't a zillion Jet Skis in the bay (we boated from Mission Bay to San Diego Bay Sunday and Mission Bay was even choppier than the ocean due to all the wakes).

We really do have some warmth and sun left, but I'm already considering this to be a great summer.  We actually did summery stuff.  Such as...

  • Trip to North Carolina to visit Jeff's family: Dash gets chased by Taylor and Emily
  • Built "Fort Dash" in the back yard
  • Swim Lessons
  • Go to a San Diego Water Park for Sienna's Birthday
  • Beach (especially lately)
  • Trampoline Flip (note: I posted a new brighter version on 9/18)
Visit Grandma and Grandpa Stokes (I'll need to do a write-up and post some more pictures soon)

New (used) Boat

  here with my old college buddy Dan and his son Caleb


Dash got a big-boy Bed


Looks like summer is officially over.  Do you know what season it is now?  It's Potty Training Season!  Doah!  When you come to visit please ignore the urine stains.  Actually after a bad week, Dash has done very well for the whole weekend.  He put the biscuit in the basket four straight times (okay, that's as explicit as I'm going to get.  Nobody wants any details at all).  The key:  Gummy Bears.  And Gummy Worms and Gummy Fish.  Boy knows how to play the system.

We went to the YMCA pool today.  First time we've swum with him since the lessons.  Apparently it's harder than it looks.  Gotta work on the kicking.  His current technique negates any armwork. 




Got videos of Dash on the Roller Coaster at Legoland.




Driving home from Day Care with NPR on the radio, going on about the days election news, Dash says "John McCain."  I said "What?"  He said "John McCain."  I straightened him out by teaching him "Obama."  Couple of days later we hear that Dash was walking around the playground one morning repeating  "Obama.  Obama.  Obama.  John McCain."


Dash, Marisa, Alex



We had a very hot day and Mom had some plans, so I took Dash to Dog Beach for some wagging and wading.  Ocean Beach apparently has a weekly farmer's market where they have lots of food and folks playing music.  We watch a bassist and guitarist/singer play a bunch o' songs, "Road to Shambala" and "Folsom Prison Blues" (which was one of the first albums I ever listened to (my Daddy had it, Danny and I loved "A Boy Named Sue.")).  Dash dug it.  We then picked up U2's Under a Blood Red Sky (new on DVD) and rocket out at home.  I hope I teach him the three R's well, but in the meantime he's very fond of "Police on my Back" by the Clash, "Low Rider" by War, and U2's "I Will Follow."  Generation X's Shakespeare, I guess.  



Went to Connor's 3rd Birthday Party at a local park.  Telling you how much I had been looking forward to it and how much fun I had would be the surest confirmation that I indeed have no social life, but I was, I did, and I don't.  Fun, and the kids behaved really well.  Pictures are at: Connor's B-day.

Other note, before I forget.  Dash has a nice habit when you're carrying him around on your hip: he instinctively message your back.  Very Nice.


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