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3/13/08: Disneyland cupcake face 

(all are clickable).  Don't call Child Protective Services: those 

red marks on his forehead are Cinderella's lipstick.

click for bigger



3/3/8: Disneyland last weekend w/ Alex and his parents, Bob and Marissa.

The boys had a blast and were well-behaved.  

Click for bigger


As our last activity on Sunday we all went on the Matterhorn, which everybody knows is a big boy roller coaster not a baby roller coaster. 

Well, to be honest, we didn't really sell it like that to the boys until afterward. We line we were in first abutted it near the end where it was very slow.  Train-like, fact.  I casually pointed out the "Mining Train" to Dash.  "I want to ride that."  OK.  "I want to ride it right now."  "Well, coincidently, we're in line for it right now."

They had a blast with apparently no permanent emotional trauma resulting (I was concerned that Dash would be freaked out and that it would set back his roller coaster development).  By contrast, my first coaster was when I was nine or so.

Click for bigger The photo above is post- Matterhorn.  Notice the lack of worries. Dash, in fact, seems to have his "I'm a big man" look on his face.


Got a burst of "Why?"  "Why?" "Why?"   Seems to have a gone away, for now.  Had a funny conversation Friday.  

"Hey, Dash, we're having Pizza for Dinner tonight!"

"I don't like pizza."

"Dash, everybody loves pizza."


"Because you can put anything you want on it." 



To the right the boy modeling his Easter swimsuit from Grandma Martin.  Below is another picture to be used for disciplining when he's a teenager



click for bigger

click for bigger


Daylight Savings Time pushed Dash's bedtime back to 9:00p and Spring Break brought SeaWorld's fireworks back.  

He still doesn't like the sound of them (we have to close the guest room's windows) but he does like watching them.  

He sits on my telescope chair for the five minute show...


Last 4th of July he was on the upstairs deck in plain view of several fireworks shows but was running around with other kids and paid them no thought.

When I carried him onto the patio the first night this year, he got really frightened and started pulling away, finally yelling "I'm scared!"  I found this very moving, though I'm not quite sure why.  Perhaps it's because even though frightened he was able to express himself and trusted me to do something about it.  I don't know.  Strange what moves ya.

Since then we've watched from the guest room.


Grandma & Grandpa Stokes Visit

Grandpa and Dash in a helicopter mockup on board the USS Midway.

Dash sitting in a trainer jet!

Grandpa and Dash at the very tip of the aircraft carrier.

Grandma and Dash at Legoland.

Kili sacking out with Grandma...

Bye-bye at the airport.


Summer supper on the patio

Somebody refused to get out of the swing, so we unhooked the swing and brought it in.


4/25/08: Dash now has some Youtube postings.  To see whatever videos he has posted click.


His first video: Dash likes Legoland a Lot:




Carolina Vacation!

We all had a wonderful time visiting Dash's Aunt Theresa, Uncle Chris, and his cousins Taylor and Emily.  Taylor and Emily's Grandmas also joined us (do the math: that means Dash's Grandma!).  

The first weekend we went to visit our old friends who moved from San Diego.  

We went boating on massive Lake Norman (part of the TVA dammed river system).  As there was a heat wave on, this was really good timing.  We boated all around, hopping into the water at our frequent stops.

Ahh, warm water.  In the water to the right are Jackie and Tony Rashaz; Jake, Todd, and Janis Stevens; Leigh and Dash.

It was a wonderful day.


Our next big event was heading to Myrtle Beach for four days.  Ahh, the warm water.  All day every day at the beach and pool.  

Here Chris is playing with Emily, Taylor and Dash.

The girls and "Baby Dash" (even though Dash is taller than Emily) got along fabulously.


Here are the kids at the Myrtle Beach Board walk.  

Have you seen that gymnastic event known as the pommel horse?  When Dash sees candy or blue ice cream he can launch right off your shoulders in about the same way...

This is on the way back.  We stopped in Wrightsville Beach, NC, for lunch (and real estate reconnaissance)
The night before leaving...

6/24/08.  All the recent photos below link to bigger pictures (just click on them).  I'll try to post more and get some verbiage up soon...



Peanut Butter is for wearing!


Hair is for growing, not for combing, I guess.


Dash and Alex at the County Fair.  Those boys never have any fun together.  

We saw Piggy Races and two Demolition Derbies and went on lots of rides.


Dash vs. the Bumper Car


(I like the first two times he crashes into the wall.  His look says  "Should I be upset by this?  My instincts say yes."


Dash has wanted a guitar for some time.  He sprang from his stroller upon passing a bunch of them.    

Here he's jamming on our way home.  I shot this while driving.

Perhaps our neighbor, Mehdi, will give him lessons.

7/4/08:  Had a 4th of July party, with a bunch of Dash's friends and some of ours.  Got the backyard done (rubber mulch was the last thing).

7/11/08:  Antidote to gloom.  I challenge you not to laugh.


Swim Lessons...


7/14/08 and 7/16/08

Here's a sequence of four videos (two from his Monday swim lesson and two from his Wednesday swim lesson).  These were Dash's third and fourth 30 minute (split amongst three students) lesson with Josh.

Monday: Dash getting dunked by Josh, his swim instructor...






Wow! Big Day swimming.  Today was impressive. 

 Underwater Grab Man.



After staring at the bay for four years, we finally did something about it.  Here's Tony and Dash after our test drive (we launched right across the highway and headed to the ocean and then had dinner watching the Acrobat show at Sea World).  

8/8/8: Flippy

Okay, this is the most amazing video we've taken.  Dash loves the SeaWorld acrobats.  They swim and flip around.  He still raw but he's getting there.  This video is around three minutes long.  The cool part peaks at around 2:30.





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